The Greatness of DentalTown

9 Dec

DentalTown is a website that brings dental professionals together to discuss the latest topics on dental health.  I had heard about DentalTown for a while now, but really didn’t have the time to check it out. The other day I had some time and so I registered on the website. 

The first thing I did was search for articles on practice management.  They had a bunch of articles on the subject, but also many message board posts.  The message boards were very interesting as experienced dentists would either ask questions, or give their advice on the topic.  I got a lot of great ideas from these posts. 

But what really impressed me about DentalTown was the Continuing Education (CE) courses that I can take online through DentalTown.  They are free courses, but you can also pay to get credit towards your FAGD (Academy of General Dentistry Fellowship). 

You can also request to receive the free DentalTown Magazine every month, mailed to your house.  It’s also a great resources.  And all of the articles in the magazine are archived on the website for reference.  And every now and then I get an email message from DentalTown with news and information on upcoming CE courses or webinars that are being offered.

I look forward to getting my next DentalTown Magazine!  What a great resources!

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