Top 10 ways to find a good Dentist near you:

1 Dec

1. Ask a friend, family member or neighbor for a referral. If they like their dentist, you may as well.
2. Ask your family doctor if they can refer a local dentist. Doctors are generally very knowledgable about local healthcare providers.
3. Do a google search (ie. search for “Dallas Dentist”). Most Dentists have websites which tell you where they are located, what services they offer and a description of their office. Better yet, Google Places will show you a map of where each dentist is located and may have customer reviews.
4. Search for a dentist using Yahoo Local. This works the same way that Google Places does and will also have customer reviews.
5. Search on Yelp for reviews of dentists in your area. Yelp has an extensive list of local businesses reviewed by people just like you.
6. Check out the local Better Business Bureau or Chamber of Commerce website.
7. Your insurance providers website should have a way to search for dentists in your network. Just remember that many dentists are fee-for-service providers and may not show up in the search results. This means they will accept your insurance and make a claim for you, but they are not tied to any specific insurance network. This helps the dentist to ensure the best quality service.
8. Search in a Business directories like,,, etc.
9. Check out health related websites like,,, etc. Remember that some of these websites require dentists to pay to join their network and can often just be customer referral websites.
10. Look in Local Magazines, real estate guides, newspapers and fliers. Remember these are advertisements, so make sure to verify their claims and find reviews from other customers who used this dentist.

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